A guide to saving money with e-cigarettes

As you probably know, using electronic cigarettes instead of regular cigarettes can help you save a lot of money. Right off the bat, you should save about 60% or more over the cost of smoking regular cigarettes. This can translate into over a thousand dollars in savings per year. In fact, if you go to sites like South Beach Smoke, you can calculate precisely how much your savings will be.

ecig kit from volcanoHowever, in addition to using e-cigs, you can save even more by doing the following things:

1. Refill your own cartridges
No doubt, buying prefilled cartomizers is the easiest. However, you can bring down the amount you spend on cartridges significantly by purchasing blanks and refilling them on your own by buying e-liquid. You can also opt to buy tanks or clearomizers, but be aware that such devices tend to use up more e-liquid than regular cartridges.

2. Mix your own e-liquid
This can have several advantages. First, you will end up paying a lot less for your e-liquids. Second, by preparing your own e-liquids, you can get create your own flavors and tweak them more to your liking.

3. Buy e-cigarettes online, and use coupons
Online electronic cigarettes stores offer the lowest prices for batteries, kits, cartomizers, and e-liquids. Just make sure you buy in bulk so that you can take advantage of any free shipping deals. In addition, you should do a search online for any coupon codes you can find. For example, I used coupon codes from Volcano Ecig not long ago and saved quite a bit on my order.

4. Buy generic brand batteries
Oftentimes, you can find generic batteries that are just as good as name brand e-cigarettes. However, this strategy can be hit or miss, and it may take some trial and error until you find a cheap generic battery you like. However, in the long run, it is worth it to find a good generic e-cigarette you like.

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