Living healthy means not forgetting about love

How can we live healthy lives? Most people think of exercise and diet only. But being healthy is about balance, and having good mental health is equally important. We must reduce things like stress, and make sure we have a healthy love life, which is something quite a few people overlook in the hectic modern world. Some people ask themselves, “who has time for love,” as the zoom ahead in their fast-paced life and distract themselves with other things like career.

But make no mistake, you need to have companionship and an active love life if you truly want to be happy. And there is no excuse, either. Today, with online dating and matchmaking sites such as eHarmony, there are plenty of chances to fall in love if you know where to look. I personally prefer eHarmony when it comes to dating sites, since they seem to emphasize the right things, such as long-term relationships, compatibility, and finding true love. At the end of the day, dating can be great fun, but ultimately, we all want love.

To this day, I still encounter people who resist online dating for one reason or another. To those people, I say, what do you have to lose by trying it? And trying a site like eHarmony does not have to cost money either. If you go to and get a free trial, you can sign up, create a profile, and receive matches for free. You can even communicate to some extent with your matches before upgrading to a paid membership. To learn more just go to

I understand that we are all busy, but don’t make the tragic mistake of thinking exercise and diet are all you need to pay attention to be healthy. If you don’t have an active love life, join eHarmony or take other steps to ensure that you address this area of your life.

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