Where you can purchase bargain printer ink

Not long ago, I made a post about why cheap pet food should be avoided. But that doesn’t mean you should always avoid cheap products. Printer ink, for example, is one area where cheap products are a good thing.

The cost of printer ink can easily become one of your largest office expenses, depending on how much printing you do. For this reason, I always encourage businesses to go paperless to the greatest extent possible. As much as possible, you should be managing your business online. Things like relying more on email and online marketing can significantly reduce the amount you spend on ink.

Having said that, there is always going to be a certain amount of printing you’ll need to do, regardless of how paperless you attempt to be. There are two ways to cut down on ink costs. The first is to buy printers that provide you the lowest cost per page. Note that this usually means you might need to invest more money upfront, but this will save you money on the back end.

The other thing you can do is make sure you purchase discounted ink. If you want to buy ink at physical stores, I have found Walmart tends to have the lowest prices for many models.

Online, your best deals would come from purchasing remanufactured cartridges from stores like Inkfarm. Coupled with Inkfarm coupons, you can often get up to 20% off what you’d otherwise pay for a brand new cartridge. Go to the following link to obtain the most recent batch of Ink farm coupons.

Even if you find an online ink store that you really like, it’s best to still do some price comparison. I like to use sites like Google Shopping or Nextag to see which store is offering the lowest price on the printer ink cartridge I need. Remember, even if you find a store that has the lowest price on one occasion, there is no guarantee they will remain the low-cost leader. Other stores may offer specials or clearance sales, so you always want to do a bit of research before you place your order.

Remember, in some instances you can get extra discounts by purchasing large quantities of ink. Some of the special deals you can get include complimentary shipping and reduced pricing for larger orders.

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